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Virginie Gauthier Contacts — Graphic Design and Printed Matter — Selected Projects: Bugatti Motor...NEW/ I Absolutely For.../ Légende*/ Het huis van IK / ST3M / Lectio.../ Marek Meduna / Bob Gill Monog. / Mary S. Facsimiles / Fifteen Magazine #14 / Beside Food / Memori / 555-Book / Gathered texts / R.S is Smiling / The Speaking Well / Playground...

'Bugatti Motoring Adventure 97-99'. A trip around the world by Bob Meijer.
In collaboration with François Girard-Meunier.

'I Absolutely Forbade All Public Photographs of Myself'
Retranscription of Derrida's interview on his image and its relation to Media.
For Yannick Bouillis.
In collaboration with François Girard-Meunier.

Catalogue and Exhibition guide for the eponym show (minus '*' ) at Frac Franche Comté.
With Xavier Antin.

Visual identity for ST3M.
Company specialised in metal manufacturing.

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"Lectio Difficilior Potior" By * Design with *

Marek Meduna at * A show curated by *

More *

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Graphic designer operating from Amsterdam, exercising a multidisciplinary practice
in physical and virtual spaces, with a special sympathy for book design.

2013-2015 Master Degree / WERKPLAATS TYPOGRAFIE, Arnhem NL
2011-2013 Bachelor Degree / ÉCOLE DES BEAUX ARTS, Lyon FR
2009-2011 Certificate in visual communication / ÉCOLE DUPERRÉ, Paris FR

Group Exhibitions:
2015, Jul. "Perceiving at a low speed", WT End of the Year Show 15
— De Uitkijk, Amsterdam NL
2015, Apr-Jun. Vystava — Plato, Ostrava CZ
2015, Mar. Fahrenheit 39 Art Book Fair — Ravenna IT
2014, Nov. Presentation NYABF 14 — PrintRoom, Rotterdam NL
2014, Sep. "Dear Reader, Dear Visitor, Dear Customer" New York Art Book Fair 14
— Moma PS1, New York US
2014, Jul. WT Year Of the End Show 14 — De Ateliers, Amsterdam NL
2014, Jun. "Me and you and (almost) everyone we know"
— Tirza Fabrique, Festival de l'Affiche, Chaumont FR
2014, Jan. "Breaking-Even" Los Angeles Art Book Fair
— Geffen Contemporary MOCA US

Huz & Bosshard (Bikini, Art-O-Rama 2012), David Bennewith (*Latent Stare*, Casco Identity), Sandra Kassenaar ('Wanderbuch', 'As if an Entrance is over There', 'MacGuffin Magazine'), Xavier Antin ('Micro Séminaire', 'Lectio Diciffilior Potior', 'Légende*'), Mevis & Van Deursen ('X-Bank', 'Joep Lange Institute'), Manon Bruet & Pierre Boggio) école du MAGASIN session 21), François Girard-Meunier ('I Absolutely...', 'Bugatti Motoring...') …



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